Forging my own Samurai Sword… Quick Theories (2.0)

Forging my own Samurai Sword… Quick Theories (2.0)

There is perhaps no technology in history so gracefully designed, so perfectly balanced, and historically distinguished as the samurai sword (katana).

Myth has it that the Gods drew a katana from the ocean, four drops of water fell from the blade and formed the Japanese islands. Centuries of warfare in feudal Japan rested upon the katana. Their blades, which hold an edge for thousands of cuts, continue to baffle even the trillion-dollar razor blade industry, who can’t seem to create a blade that lasts even a handful of shaves.

But, katanas didn’t fall from the sky. Craftsmen spent decades in their foundries, forging and fine-tuning this technology. They are hands down among the greatest craftsmen in history. To this day, their techniques cannot be recreated by a machine.

Although we can only aspire to be as influential as these craftsmen, Ryan and I have been in our foundry for the past two years, forging our steel and fine-tuning our version of the katana: Quick Theories.

In just two years, our theories on future technology have been experienced by more than 4 million readers and even earned us some awards.

But, this is just the start.

In June we’re unveiling Quick Theories (2.0) which is something we’ve been crafting for months, and it’ll be an experience like none other.

We are currently putting the final polish on it, for the grand presentation. And let me tell you that the world’s going to feel the force of this katana (metaphorically, not literally… we aren’t going to hurt anyone).

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