Newsfeed zombies are everywhere. Welcome to Qualm Times.

Newsfeed zombies are everywhere. Welcome to Qualm Times.

If you mindlessly scroll through whatever content is delivered to your Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook newsfeed, then you are a Newsfeed Zombie. Unfortunately, Newsfeed Zombies make up a majority of the population nowadays.

Any substantial innovations, thoughts, or ideas that don’t stimulate us in the first three seconds are quickly scrolled past – probably because there’s a video of people avoiding death right below that’s far more intriguing.

On the flip side, when a life-changing technology or idea permeates our newsfeed, it’s most likely molded to be a part of the dystopian narrative where AI eliminates all of our jobs and tears apart the social fabric of our society.

This has spurred many conversations with Quick Theories readers around the question: Will society turn out to be like an episode of Black Mirror – where technology has unprecedented control over our behaviors, eliminating all hope for humanity.

Yes, there’s a chance of these dystopian futures. However, in my two years publishing content about emerging technology impacting our lives, I’ve found that the scariest aspect isn’t the technology, but rather the humans who take advantage of it. Technology enters the fold neutral. We are the ones who use it for evil.

The technology being developed today can take our future any number of directions. But the direction we ultimately go depends largely on the narratives we choose to act upon. The positive narratives we’re choosing to spread will be put forth in a project called “Qualm Times”.

Qualm Times consists of continuous commentary on the most important futuristic technology news of the day allowing you to participate with prescient perspectives on where our future may be heading.

As I announced yesterday, Quick Theories (and the complete archive of 60+ theories) will only be available to members on our Inevitable Human platform.

Therefore, if you don’t want to support our content financially that’s totally fine. Qualm Times is a way for you to stay in the loop for free.

You’ll receive your first Qualm Times update on Monday.


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