How Quentin Tarantino inspired our Futuristic Macrocosm (Quick Theories 2.0)

How Quentin Tarantino inspired our Futuristic Macrocosm (Quick Theories 2.0)

Before 1992, filmmakers would’ve thought it was impossible to create a good heist film without ever showing the bank robbery scene. How could you skip the most thrilling part… and why would you even want to?

Then Quentin Tarantino released Reservoir Dogs. A film about a heist gone wrong that never once shows them in the bank. As a result, he catapults you into the juiciest surrounding parts of the story and absolutely captures your attention.

With Quick Theories, we’ve always taken a similar approach, asking ourselves, “How do we write about emerging technology without focusing solely on the technical aspects?”

In many ways, these past 2 years publishing Quick Theories have been like creating our first feature film. But, now it’s time for us to evolve Quick Theories.

Quick Theories is a vision for the future based on the innovations we’re witnessing today. It’s our futuristic macrocosm you can visit to see how life might be different in just five or ten years.

Many of you have told us how Quick Theories has inspired you to make lifestyle changes, pursue new career opportunities, and even make strategic investments based entirely on what we’ve published. For others it’s been the bridge between sci-fi and the reality we inhabit today.

From here on out, Quick Theories (and the complete archive of 60+ theories) will only be available to members on our Inevitable Human platform.

If you want to continue immersing yourself in the future, you can become a member here to read the latest Quick Theories article on “How a paid version of Facebook could solve our Data Privacy issues”.

My grandmother always taught me to give gratitude where it’s due. So, whether or not you decide to stick with Quick Theories moving forward, I’m glad that you could be a part of my quest into the future.

P.S. You might be wondering what’s going to happen to this newsletter? Well, I’ll be announcing those plans tomorrow.


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