Hi! I’m QuHarrison Terry

Hi! I’m QuHarrison Terry

About Me
QuHarrisonMy Yin and Yang has always been designing and growth hacking. On the surface, you probably see two separate job titles. But, when looked at in a different light, the two come together to work in perfect unison.

I found my passion for design in the fashion industry and perfected my aesthetic in digital art. Today, I use my design skills to create stunning visuals for advertising campaigns, revenue optimization channels for websites, and revolutionary experiences for digital art.

Growth hacking, on the other hand, wasn’t something I learned. I unknowingly developed the ability to grow audiences through genuine messages focused on inviting engagement, not aggressive corralling. This ability has aided me in growing not only my personal brand but the brand of many businesses and creative personalities wanting to spread their reach for long-term results.

While chasing creativity and stalking passion I’ve built:

  • VNM USA, a revenue optimization agency focused on marketing for Millennials.
  • Quick Theories, a newsletter with my thoughts on modern technology, how it’ll affect your life, and why you should adapt to these changes in your own creative way.
  • Constructed By, a living breathing changing creative diary, providing insights and inspiration to make you more creative.

Many of the projects I work on are the direct result of collaboration. Duality exists between individuals, which is why I find it pertinent to work with other ambitious creatives.

No matter the route I take or the decisions I make, at the forefront of my thoughts is the impact I will have on the next “me”. How can I provide additional ways for creative youth to thrive?

Recent Projects


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