We’re Living in the Era of the Robopreneur

Everything that we once considered essential to becoming an entrepreneur is now reversed. The standard “Entrepreneurial Checklist” used to go in this order: Identify a problem in the market Generate solutions and prototypes Sell and find product-market fit Create media, advertisements, partnerships, and promotions You can still do it the traditional way, however, you’re putting […]

KFC’s Colonel Sanders is now a digital human – Will other iconic brand mascots follow?

Look at digital humans through the lens of a corporation. Digital human influencers are more reliable, trustworthy, and less of a hassle than their flesh-and-blood counterparts. All of their actions are controlled by the organization. Everything about a digital human can be fabricated – from their personality to their struggles to the way they solve […]

AI in Marketing: 5 Ways that Deepfakes will actually bring good into the world

About 18 months ago, a frightening technology surfaced called deepfakes, which used video manipulation algorithms to convincingly edit videos of other people and literally put words right in their mouth. Marco Rubio described the technology as a propaganda weapon. Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, told US senators deepfake videos could be banned by Facebook. Others warned that it was “one […]