Mind Control? Now Possible with University of Washington Research

I’ve talked previously about brain-computer interfaces and how we could use them to replace the current way of accessing the Internet – discovering new information with a simple thought. But, what if this technology could link two individuals. Thus, sharing consciousness by sending their brain’s electrical impulses between one another. Connecting Brains via the Internet […]

One in three kids use an iPad before they can speak. This is the emergence of Digital Intelligence

We all have varying mixes of IQ and EQ – academic intelligence and emotional intelligence. For many years, scholars and “people-persons” have debated which is a better indicator of success in life. These debates may finally come to an end as a new form of intelligence takes shape: digital intelligence. Abbreviated as DQ, digital intelligence […]

How Amazon Thrives on our Impatience as Consumers

Amazon has flourished by making it extremely easy for their customers to give them money. So much so, that over 90 million Americans are Amazon Prime members. They continue to push the envelope with retail spaces such as Amazon Go powered by their Just Walk Out technology. This accumulates into a simple, yet defensible moat […]