Why you need to take control of your Digital Identity

Why you need to take control of your Digital Identity

Growing up, you probably had a set of chores your parent(s) expected you to finish every day or week. Some chores paid an allowance while others didn’t. I, unfortunately, lived in a house where chores were expected to be done pro bono (free) and with a smile on your face. Cleaning dishes, mowing the lawn, and folding laundry were my areas of expertise.

By the time I was 12 years old, though, all my friends had allowance money they were spending on video games and movies. I felt left out and realized that I needed to find a way to get paid. I couldn’t continue down this non-lucrative path of pro bono work (even though it was fulfilling, mom).

In many ways, I’ve reached this same crossroads in my twenties with Quick Theories.

For the past 18 months, the Quick Theories weekly newsletter has been my pro bono chore. Over the course of 79 Quick Theories, I’ve helped over 3 million people navigate and understand emerging technologies, without asking to be paid.

And I don’t mind. In fact, this pro bono work is some of the most exciting work I do all week. It’s a labor of love that brings out a lot of great conversations.

However, this side-work is becoming a large brand that needs resources (money) to help sustain its production and growth.

Now, just as it would’ve been foolish for me to ask my mom to start paying me to mow the lawn – a chore I’d done free of charge for five years – it would be foolish for me to ask you to pay for Quick Theories, which has been free forever.

So, I drafted a proposition.

Inevitable Human

In the era of Big Brother and Big Data, corporations, governments, and individual hackers can buy or collect anything they want to know about you and your digital behaviors. And they can use this information to control you.

Safeguarding oneself from hacks and exploits should be top-of-mind for everyone’s 2018 plans. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to protect their Digital Identity.

That’s why I’ve created the Digital Identity Series.

This series is an exclusive weekly resource to help you accelerate your digital intelligence and adapt to technological change. Through intuitive videos and engaging articles, I’ll help you develop a systematic approach to thinking about, communicating, and protecting your digital identity in these digitally dangerous times.

This is the most common vulnerability facing everyone – including you and Tom from Timbuktu. And the Digital Identity Series is a proactive way of fighting this vulnerability.

In exchange for this resource, I’m asking you for a meager allowance of $10 / month (or $100 for the year).

Unlike the allowance I needed in my teens to buy things, this allowance is going to be reinvested right back into the Inevitable Human brand to create better experiences and products for your benefit.

You should know that my mom accepted my teenage allowance proposition to assist her with the long, boring Saturday errands. And I hope that you’ll consider accepting my allowance proposition which is going to help you take control of your Digital Identity.

If you’d like to start building your defense against digital dangers, click below to learn more and possibly become a member.

Access the Digital Identity Series

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