What I’m Working On?

Updated December 3, 2019

Mark Cuban Companies – Most of my time is spent working with Mark Cuban on growth marketing, generally, I advise and assist our portfolio companies with their marketing strategies and objectives.

Inevitable Human – The rest of my time is spent creating content for Inevitable Human, a media platform and online community for Future Thinkers, Technologists, and Business Professionals who want to anticipate the future and foresee transformative changes.

We host events and publish exclusive content (like our first book) on emerging technology and other Future(s) Studies concepts to spark conversations amongst our community members.

What’s Next?

I’m seeking interesting opportunities where I can help middle school youth with their reading and comprehension skills. See what I’ve done in the past and if you have an idea please reach out here.

Otherwise, one day I hope to compete in the Classic Tetris World Championship until then I’ll be leisurely playing Tetris 99 and training my reflexes on Color Gate 3D.