What I’m Doing Now?

Updated November 21st, 2022, from Dallas.

What’s Going On?

  • I recently spoke at CXOTalk on Nov. 18th, 2022
  • Are you reading my WTF Journal? – Every day, I ask myself, What’s The Future? Then I take detailed notes and store them in a journal.


Floyd Mayweather Book – I’m co-authoring a book with Floyd Mayweather that will take readers through 12 rounds of Mayweather’s affirmations on self-discipline, centering on the lessons Mayweather has learned through his legendary and formative fights. 


1Q9X – I’m working on solving the youth illiteracy crisis. Currently, I’m helping 2,498 kiddos in Texas up their reading and comprehension skills.

Open Your Eyes & Do Not Disturb EPs – I had a few stories that I wanted to tell sonically and teamed up with the Emmy-nominated rapper Genesis Renji to make it happen.

The Metaverse Handbook – I wrote the go-to guide for understanding the next big technological shift toward the metaverse. Crazy enough, my book was featured in Harvard Business Review!


Japanese – Most of my downtime is spent learning how to speak and write in Japanese it’s a tedious language, however thanks to Preply, I’m sticking with it.

TikTok – I’m late to the party, but the kiddos insisted that this is where I should be posting content.

Tetris – One day, I hope to compete in the Classic Tetris World Championship until then, I’ll be leisurely playing Jstris.

This is a now page – If you have your own site, you should make one, too.