Perception Is Reality For Black Founders

Perception is reality…it creates the outcome. As one of the few black founders in technology, I found it hard to stay motivated because of these perceptions. Here’s why: Every time we meet someone new, our mental impression decides whether we want to “keep them around” or ditch them. But, it’s not an even playing field, since […]

Creative Environment: The Gate To Creative Inspiration

Learn from my mistake, that limiting your creative environment severely stagnates your ability to tap into creative inspiration. This is how I learned: My first piece of writing (by choice, not assignment) was a closure email I wrote to potential investors. It included the analogy: “We’re so broke, we’re using melted vanilla ice cream as milk for our cereal.” Not […]

Creative Process vs. Data Driven Decisions

“Follow your heart and everything else will fall into place.” But, what happens when data driven decision are contradictory to your heart’s creative process? Big Data has unleashed a whole new world of capabilities pertaining to optimization and personalization. With Big Data, Amazon can predict the exact price point to maximize profits and Google can […]

Why Patents Are Bad For The Creative Mind

A creative mind doesn’t exist without the freedom to use tools and ideas, which is why patents are bad. Limiting either of these only hurts the creative output of talented creatives. Don’t get me wrong, in certain scenarios like technological advancements, it is very important to protect your innovations. But, the same laws which allow […]

Sneaker Con Uncovered A Hidden Sneaker Market

You know what’s about as believable as an underground toothbrush market? Telling you the resale market for sneakers is worth $1.2 billion annually and was launched by a sneaker convention called Sneaker Con. But, it’s true. Well, the sneaker part. Not sure about the toothbrushes. Although, 2 Chainz did brush his teeth with a $5,000 toothbrush, so […]