My 5 Plays for the Future

Being Boy Future, I often get asked by people of all types, “What do I need to know to stay ahead of the future?” Of course, it’s much more of a rolling answer than it is a one-time rebuttal. But, when the African American Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin asked me to give the keynote […]

You’ll soon be ordering food from an AR menu

We’ve all had the unfortunate restaurant experience of aimlessly poring over the menu for 15 minutes and nothing stands out. We go so far as reading the ingredients, praying that our taste buds will speak up. It’s a painful feeling. Conversely, we’ve all been to a restaurant where the menu speaks to us and within […]

What makes a voice app impressive?

The goal of any new technology is to remove friction from people’s lives. This is especially the rallying cry of smart speakers, voices assistants, and the tens of thousands of voice skills they possess. The Amazon Echo and Google Home lineups exist to make our lives easier. So how is it that a fictional character […]

What caught my attention this week – 03.15.19

Earlier this month, Forbes named Kylie Jenner the youngest self-made billionaire ever. Most people got frustrated in the semantics of “self-made”, but what caught my attention was this new era that she personifies – the Ecommerce Entrepreneur. We’re in the midst of a phenomenon where anyone and everyone can design a virtual storefront and potentially […]

What caught my attention this week – 03.08.19

Earlier this week, Mark Zuckerberg gave us his first meaningful, action-oriented response to all of the privacy and data-misuse issues that Facebook has encountered over the past two years. In his letter titled A Privacy-Focused Vision for Social Networking, he outlines a transition of Facebook toward: Increase in private interactions through encryption Message ephemerality – […]

Let’s grab lunch (digitally) next Friday

What are your plans for 12pm Central next Friday (March 1st)? Because I was hoping we could meet up virtually for a chat about an issue affecting you and your digital identity. Now, I realize that depending on where you’re living/visiting right now, 12pm Central might not be lunchtime for you, but I hope you’ll […]

What caught my attention this week – 02.01.19

Evolution hasn’t stopped now that we’re here. We’re entering an era where we may take evolution into our own hands and steer it the way we’d like it to go. This is the reality of the transhuman technologies being developed all around us. Brain-computer interfaces, implantable RFID chips, and exoskeletons are just a few transhuman […]

Are algorithms the modern slaves of Internet giants?

A topic that comes up in my conversations a lot is the addictive nature of entertainment technology, specifically YouTube and Netflix. My friends are always curious about how these services designed a craving among hundreds of millions of people. It’s clear that the culprit is their content recommendation algorithms. However, to truly understand these addictions, you must […]