The BMW Concept i4 is Setting a New Standard for Luxury in Electric Vehicles

The BMW Concept i4 is Setting a New Standard for Luxury in Electric Vehicles

There are very few instances throughout history where you can find luxury and practicality coexisting. Normally, to achieve one means sacrificing the other. You cut corners on style in order to achieve more efficiency. You cut corners on efficiency in order to achieve a look.

But the BMW Concept i4 is one of those few cases where both luxury and practicality coexist. They’ve taken the luxurious DNA of BMW’s Gran Coupe history and updated it with a fully-electric engine.

The Concept i4’s silhouette could stand in competition to every great BMW before it. The interior’s taste pallet makes you feel as though you’ve just entered a 5-star hotel. And then you turn the car on and are reminded that it’s a sports car (530 horsepower) but with a special caveat… It’s emission-free.

For a long time, “Going Green” was a rebellion against cultural norms. Electric vehicle owners were ostracized by the public for driving a car that stood against the horsepower we sought in our cars. I remember the days when truck drivers went viral on YouTube for running electric vehicles off the road.

We’ve come a long way since then.

BMW stands as a testament to this progress. They’re actively changing what it means to be a mobile world citizen. They’ve released concept after concept of what we should expect from the Future of Mobility.

The BMW Concept i4 shows a very real, very near Future of Mobility. The series BMW i4 will go into production in 2021, which means you’ll see this amazing vehicle moving through your environment very soon.

BMW is setting a high bar for the Future of Mobility – a future of style and impact.