Alexa, Find Me A Job

Name a technology and I’ll tell you how it’s been used for job-hunting. Maybe not all technologies. But there are so many different mediums in which you can search for a job. Each created for the sake of simplicity and accessibility. The newspaper classified section, college job boards, apps, recruiters, etc. This means it’s only […]

Adaptive Music

It’s a beautiful feeling when a song “hits your chord”. You belt out the lyrics as if they were written about you. Your entire body reacts as if the groove is coded in your DNA. What if every song you listened to had that effect? This is the goal of Adaptive Music. Adaptive music is […]

Dynamic Living Spaces

If you want to know what’s next for American culture, one of the most reliable places to look is Japan. A 1982 New York Times article, Culture of Japan Blossoming in America, documents the first major shift toward a general American curiosity in Japanese culture. Nine years later, a Fortune Magazine article, Japan’s Influence on American Life, […]

Visual Search Engines

How often do you see an artwork, a plant, or an item of clothing that you’d like to look up on the web but can’t put words to it? Probably not all that often. However, when you occasionally come across something you’d like to search which words cannot describe, it’s very frustrating and ultimately a […]

Why BMW Hired Me

What if cars could communicate with cities? How would this change the way we traveled? What would it do for the environments we poison with carbon dioxide? This is an idea I haven’t stopped thinking about since BMW brought me out to Frankfurt two weeks ago. They gave me a sneak peek of some of […]

Ghost Kitchens

In statistics, there’s a phenomenon where random variables will regress to the mean. In culinary conquests, there’s a phenomenon where humans will naturally regress to take-out food. We love ordering in and when our favorite options are less than five clicks away, it’s just too easy. However, this new abundance of take-out requires a better […]

The Advantage of Elderly Tech Founders

If we’re fortunate to reach the age where our speed slows and needs grow, then we get the unfortunate result of being viewed as an out-of-touch old person. But it doesn’t have to be that way. What if that’s actually an advantage of later life? What if this period produces some of the next great […]

Autonomous Finance

The simple fact is that spending has gotten messier. It’s more sporadic because we’re always an advertisement and a one-click buy away from breaking our budget. Practically the only extraneous spending we can account for is the Netflix and AmazonPrime subscriptions. And let’s be real, we all buy them and forget we even have. The […]

Cashierless Stores

Timex says we spend 6 months of our lives waiting in line. Silicon Valley believes that number should be zero. Or at least zero when it comes to grocery shopping. Starting with the Amazon Go stores, cashierless stores have been an optimistic look into efficiency. Amazon spurred others to think up different approaches from Smart […]

D2C Department Stores

Sears has been reincarnated. Well, not Sears exactly. But the idea of the Sears department store is reemerging with D2C (direct-to-consumer) companies like Dollar Shave Club, Bonobos, and Warby Parker at the helm. Earlier this year, the world’s first D2C Department Store opened and many more are following suit. But first, why would D2C brands, […]

Ad-Free Internet

Arguably, the pop-up ad was the single greatest and (simultaneously) the worst thing to happen to the Internet. It’s what birthed the Ad-Supported Internet – lending a simple default business model for new creators – keeping information free to users. But, it also created the wrong incentive system for Internet creators. As an independent content […]

The AI Wingman

39% of straight couples report meeting their partner online. And according to a bold claim with evidence from the Wall Street Journal, Dating Apps are Making Marriages Stronger. What if “the machine” is actually quite good at this job? What if it creates more lasting relationships than we ever could through our friends’ connections? That would be a wonderful […]

AI Tools for Creativity

With each decade comes new tools that make creative expression more approachable than before. The electric piano, loaded with sounds and light-up keys became the instrument and the lessons all in one. The Adobe Creative Suite digitized the entire artistic editing process – relieving the possibility for accidental error in art. The next evolution of […]

Alexa Political Donations

The technology behind political donations. It’s something that rarely gets discussed. But it’s such a critical component for a campaign to figure out. Where can they show up that’s new but also familiar? When that is figured out, technology does the fundraising for them. And Amazon just presented candidates with a prime new opportunity for […]

Alexa & Voice Gaming

Between professional gaming, the influence Fortnite has had on culture, and Angry Birds becoming a multi-billion dollar media franchise, I think it’s safe to say that parents can no longer scoff at video games. The successes have left everyone wondering where the next opportunity in gaming will be. Naturally, future-thinkers question if voice gaming on […]

The Rise of Nurse Robots

Of all the futuristic technology we discuss, I think robots are by far the most unfavorable. We either associate them with joblessness or societal anarchy. Nothing good, really. So wouldn’t you think a nurse robot would be a massive failure? Surprisingly, this isn’t the case. Diligent Robotics has created a nurse robot named Moxi which has […]

The Deepfake Heist

It’s unrealistic to think that a technology can create impact immediately after its release. Most would say it’s ludicrous. Look at a technology like mesh networking. Established 2012, every future-thinker could see its societal relevance. But it took an event seven years later – the riots in Hong Kong – to bring the tech into […]

The Metaverse Agency

The metaverse is not a story of “nobody believes in it and against all odds it will win.” To the contrary, it’s a story of “everyone believes in it but nobody knows why.” Overall the investment in the Metaverse has been concentrated around gaming and entertainment. But the Metaverse will be much bigger than just […]

Great Business Models

The entire startup space has become spoiled in the last couple of decades via new business models that can be tweaked for a variety of purposes. How many companies have raised money on the pitch of “Airbnb for this” or “Uber for that”? Too many to count. But no team has ever become a dynasty […]

Communicating without Internet Access

It’s rare that a technology is created and has an immediate impact. It usually takes months or years to find product-market fit. In the case of mesh networking, it took 7 years and a cultural calamity to bring about the widespread use. Specifically, the protests in Hong Kong precipitated the perfect atmosphere for mesh networking […]