What’s New In Drones?

Although drones are not necessarily a technology that I get super excited about. I do like to keep tabs on them and make sure I’m familiar with the developments. Especially considering so many large companies are promising big ideas. With about a decade in the making, how quickly will drones surpass the billion annual flights? […]

A Currency Exchange for Video Games

You arrive in a new country and what’s the first thing you do? Exchange your currency, of course. Dollars to Pesos. Euros to Yen. Even when making international purchases from home – a designer Italian handbag or a Samsung TV – a currency exchange has taken place. Global markets and free flow of capital allow […]

The “iPhone of Sleep”

Tech is changing everything. Can we expect to see a major change to the way we sleep in our lifetimes? Will we encounter a 2007 iPhone moment that changes everything about our sleep behaviors? About a quarter of Americans experience acute insomnia every year, a statistic that’s similar elsewhere around the world. In the US alone, […]

The New Apple Maps

Surprisingly, Google Maps doesn’t rank in the top 10 most-used apps. Yet, Baird Equity Research still estimates that Google Maps could deliver $5 billion of the company’s incremental revenues by 2020 if they really got serious about monetizing. My guess is that if Baird speculated on the value of Apple Maps, that revenue number wouldn’t even reach […]

Trust in Telehealth

Who hasn’t Googled their health symptoms before only to find out that their lower back pain is scoliosis, their cough is meningitis, and their fever is swine flu? Our first reaction to health concerns is Google. But what if our first reaction was to FaceTime or video chat our doctor? Telehealth (virtual doctor’s visits) seems […]

The Everything Algorithm

Open Instagram, Apple News, or (even in some cases) TV news stations and an algorithm is choosing what you read, watch, and hear. Open Priceline or Google Flights and an algorithm chooses the price you’ll pay. My dad is online car shopping on CarGurus. Even that site runs a program that decides what cars he […]

Food Network Kitchen

Almost 26 years ago, the Food Network introduced the world to all-day culinary entertainment. From the loud beginnings of Emeril Lagasse to the pleasant presence of the Pioneer Woman, the Food Network has been at the center of creating a nationwide addiction to watching food. Now they plan on elevating the visual taste pallet, once again, […]

AI Animators

Ed Catmull – the eventual founder of Pixar – was also one of the first to use computers for 3D animation. His first creation A Computer Animated Hand played an instrumental role in showing us a computer’s ability in creating great animation. And today we’re wondering how we can use AI programs to make painstaking, […]

Uber Wallet vs. Apple Wallet

Control The Flow Of Money. It’s one of the latest collective missions of Big Tech. From Apple’s digital wallet to Facebook’s cryptocurrency to the automation of personal finances and even Amazon taxing nearly everything that happens on the Internet. This is the vertical that tech companies with resources are vying for. And now, out of left field, Uber is […]


What does Church, the bar, the coffee shop, the barbershop, the library, and the gym all have in common? They’re all what’s called a third space. Your office, your home, and then the third space – where you attend to your hobbies and interests. They’re arguably the most important locale to your being because it’s […]

Google’s New Domain

Every routine behavior should be analyzed for shortcuts. From brushing your teeth to driving to work to using Gmail. You are only a power user once you discover hacks and shortcuts to eliminate excess time. Google Chrome is no stranger to shortcuts and they recently launched a new idea that reinvents the search bar for […]

Google Analytics for Buildings

Intelligent CCTV cameras are the eyes of the surveillance state. It’s why we all get a little freaked out when a new set of cameras pops up in our city. But I see a secondary, non-privacy-invading purpose for these cameras that could be a very lucrative opportunity. What if brands from Coca-Cola to Nike were […]

Employee Surveillance

Human capital is the most precarious capital there is. With the right team, anything is possible. With the wrong team, nothing is impossible. Any manager will attest to the difficulty in finding one person that is accountable, self-motivating, and efficient. Now imagine leading more than 10,000 people at a corporation. It’s no wonder that large […]

The Instagram Bookstore

When’s the last time you binged an entire book on a Saturday? Probably not in a long time. But I’ll bet you can tell me the last show you binged. And I’m sure it wasn’t long ago. Reading is the “not-so-secret” secret weapon of most high-achievers. Everyone knows they should read more, but rarely do […]

Gen Z Entrepreneurs

What can we expect from the generation that grew up watching more Snapchat and pro gamers than cartoons and pro athletes? Plenty of people will speculate on what the future holds for Gen Z, based on the habits we witness in them daily. First, let me clarify that this is not an article about generalizing […]

Social Credit Systems

We build digital trust through reviews and ratings. What if this were applied to all aspects of life as a means of creating a social credit score for every person’s character? Honest, giving, good-natured people had high scores. While the evil and mischievous had poor scores. And depending on your score, access to certain services […]

AI-Generated Stock Photos

The media has manufactured a fear amongst us all that GANs – Generative Adversarial Networks – will bring the demise of democracy and civilization. (GANs are the AI behind deepfakes, in case you’re wondering). Sure GANs are a threat. But I’m adamant that they’re largely an opportunity. An opportunity for entrepreneurs. If I were starting a […]

The Metaverse Artists

At least a couple of times a month I’m hyping something new about the metaverse. How companies are preparing for life in the metaverse, restaurant menus in the metaverse, how workplaces are being uploaded to the metaverse. That’s because it’s one of the bets I continue to stand by. People frequently ask me what the metaverse will look like. To which […]