How Smart Home Devices Open Your Door to Unwanted Visitors

We’re in the middle of a war on security and we are sabotaging ourselves for a little bit of convenience. As we bring more connected devices into our homes, we essentially create more windows for “Peeping Toms” to look into our lives – metaphorically speaking. The connected home is undoubtedly a great concept. But there […]

Mind Control? Now Possible with University of Washington Research

I’ve talked previously about brain-computer interfaces and how we could use them to replace the current way of accessing the Internet – discovering new information with a simple thought. But, what if this technology could link two individuals. Thus, sharing consciousness by sending their brain’s electrical impulses between one another. Connecting Brains via the Internet […]

One in three kids use an iPad before they can speak. This is the emergence of Digital Intelligence

We all have varying mixes of IQ and EQ – academic intelligence and emotional intelligence. For many years, scholars and “people-persons” have debated which is a better indicator of success in life. These debates may finally come to an end as a new form of intelligence takes shape: digital intelligence. Abbreviated as DQ, digital intelligence […]