Why Zoom Should Start Offering Group Card and Board Games Immediately

Six months ago, if you told me that I’d be having weekly family gatherings on Zoom I would’ve told you to take a hike. The business-focused video chat app had no place in social circles.

But now, Zoom has become an antidote to isolation during this pandemic lockdown.

Inevitable/Human is Discontinuing Memberships

Due to the unfortunate circumstances, COVID-19 has had on our business, we’ve made the tough decision to discontinue the membership components of Inevitable/Human.

We would like to thank all of our members for rocking with us these past few years. We’ve learned a lot and shared some incredible insights about the future amongst this community.

Nonetheless, in times of crisis, you often can’t control what happens next. However, you can control how you evolve from that situation. 

Helping You Make Decisions During the Pandemic

When the game is on the line what great athlete (or aspiring great athlete) is found sitting on the sidelines? Jordan, Brady, Gretzky, Phelps, Ali. No matter the circumstance, they were in the game.

In the past few days, Ryan and I have toiled with a tough decision. Ultimately, we decided we couldn’t sit idly during this time. Ultimately, we realized that there were other Future Thinkers that needed a place to share their wisdom for dealing with this difficult time.

Finding COVID-19 Therapies

Future thinking is a luxury. Only once you’ve achieved Physiological and Safety Needs on Maslow’s Hierarchy, can you then get back to dreaming and pondering the future.

That’s the conclusion that the Inevitable/Human team has come to during the current COVID-19 pandemic. We felt that as future-thinkers, the best foresight we could practice was in contributing our resources to those that are working toward medicinal solutions.

Apple News and COVID-19

Apple is holding, in my opinion, the biggest hand in this entire pandemic situation. They’ve got pocket aces, at least here in the United States, for one very big reason. Apple has the ability to ping approximately 100 million Americans at the same time. It’s an extremely huge responsibility that no other media company or device manufacturer has.

The only rival power is the US President’s National Wireless Emergency Alert System, where he can text every American with a cell phone simultaneously.

The Next Era of Workplace Software

The first thing I do when I hit the office is open Slack, Google Drive, and Asana. Three separate workplace software. Three augmentations of productivity. But how will the software that guides our work improve over time?

Like anything, workplace software evolves. The three phases are:

  • Siloed, singular work on one’s own software
  • Collaborative work on shared, team software
  • Collaborative work with team and AI-assistance

Future of Packaging

I’m not going to lie, researching the state of consumer packaging and where it’s headed is very depressing. The enormity of the situation is too big for any one person to hypothesize solutions. And for every positive initiative, it seems like there’s lobbying to cancel its progress.

We should be past the point of getting everyone’s attention around single-use plastic consumption. But, just for good measures, I did a little back of the envelope math.

A Cashless Society

The cries of a cashless society have been ringing for many years. And while the number of cash purchases is slowly declining, making up 30% of all transactions in the US. This plan of pure efficiency seems about as likely as us reaching a utopia. Possible, but not for at least a couple of generational power shifts.

Still, tracking this battle of cashless payments and cash is important. And gives a lot of signals as to where we’re going to see innovation (and growth in the financial sector).

3 Ways AR Face Filters Will Change the World

Who would’ve ever anticipated that one of the greatest impacts that facial recognition would have on society would be through Snapchat lenses? Face filters and AR lenses have become so much more than kitschy ways of spicing up how we communicate.

AR filters have altered the way that people view themselves. Snapchat dysmorphia started to become known in late 2018, when stories surfaced of people getting plastic surgery to look more like their Snapchat filters.

Banking the Unbanked

One of the great financial failures to this point in time is that 12 million Americans are still using payday loan stores and more than 10 million Americans use a check-cashing service. An instant paycheck deduction almost entirely because that person lacks a bank account. Tens of millions of Americans aren’t given the right financial avenues to save money, let alone accumulate wealth.

47% of black households are underbanked or unbanked. That number is 20% for white families. Aside from the moral obligation to provide better financial services to people of color. There’s actually great opportunity here.

The BMW Concept i4 is Setting a New Standard for Luxury in Electric Vehicles

There are very few instances throughout history where you can find luxury and practicality coexisting. Normally, to achieve one means sacrificing the other. You cut corners on style in order to achieve more efficiency. You cut corners on efficiency in order to achieve a look.

But the BMW Concept i4 is one of those few cases where both luxury and practicality coexist. They’ve taken the luxurious DNA of BMW’s Gran Coupe history and updated it with a fully-electric engine.

The Concept i4’s silhouette could stand in competition to every great BMW before it. The interior’s taste pallet makes you feel as though you’ve just entered a 5-star hotel. And then you turn the car on and are reminded that it’s a sports car (530 horsepower) but with a special caveat… It’s emission-free.

For a long time, “Going Green” was a rebellion against cultural norms. Electric vehicle owners were ostracized by the public for driving a car that stood against the horsepower we sought in our cars. I remember the days when truck drivers went viral on YouTube for running electric vehicles off the road.

We’ve come a long way since then.

BMW stands as a testament to this progress. They’re actively changing what it means to be a mobile world citizen. They’ve released concept after concept of what we should expect from the Future of Mobility.

The BMW Concept i4 shows a very real, very near Future of Mobility. The series BMW i4 will go into production in 2021, which means you’ll see this amazing vehicle moving through your environment very soon.

BMW is setting a high bar for the Future of Mobility – a future of style and impact.

AR-Based Messages

They say there’s no such thing as bad ideas, only bad timing. 3M was clearly a little ahead of the curve when they launched augmented reality sticky notes in 2012. It was a huge moment for AR, not in the sense of being able to write virtual notes. The major development was their use of cloud anchoring. Essentially being able to anchor a digital creation to a physical location.

Eight years later and we still haven’t come anywhere close to realizing the value of cloud anchoring. Imagine every restaurant review anchored to the restaurant, allowing you to read reviews as you’re looking at the menu. Imagine leaving Tweets in the real world. What if you could scatter holographic reminders throughout your walk to work – some motivational and some just regular notes on the day ahead.

4 Major PharmaTech Innovations

When I think of innovation in pharmaceuticals, I think of the work that goes on in a lab for years, sometimes decades, to create a groundbreaking drug. But the innovation doesn’t stop once that drug leaves the lab. There are loads of inconsistencies and problems that occur once a drug is on the market that need to be solved.

Below are four notable innovations in the PharmaTech pipeline.